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Thomas Balkow

Precision weighing and traceable products

Hand-written labels were almost as time-consuming as preparing the meat itself. The appearance was also not exactly great, even when using preprinted labels.

Using the Z1Label app linked to a set of certified scales, you can accurately weigh products and ensure traceability. Laboriously calculating prices is also a thing of the past.

Adding an image in the Z1Label app takes just a few minutes. The barcode can also be read in retail outlets. This allows the products to be seamlessly integrated into cash register and inventory management systems – something that was previously unthinkable!

High flexibility for labelling tasks, make changes yourself at any time, simple weighing process and traceability to the shooting location – all this means than even small direct sellers can supply game meat and other products professionally and to the highest of standards.

Alongside hunting businesses, I would recommend Z1Label to any direct seller or larger processing company.

Thomas Balkow, Gut Stieten
Ökologisches Land- & Forstgut

Jörn Brinkmeier, Fleischerei Reinköster

We wanted a system that would fit into our production process. From receiving the game through to the end consumer.

The Z1Label system is so comprehensive that I was able to convert my entire production process to using it, which is perfect. We now use Z1Label to label almost everything from meat, to self-service items to jars.

I would highly recommend the Z1Label solution to small businesses and individuals looking to label goods for their business or privately at home. It’s also great for anyone who would like to bring a bit more structure into their operations – it’s a really great solution!

The Z1Label team responds quickly to any question and is always ready to help. Being able to design the labels myself is simply perfect for quickly adapting to customer demands.

Jörg Brinkmeier
Fleischerei Reinköster

Jörn Brinkmeier (right)
Christian Luther
Christian Luther

Christian Luther, Biofleisch NRW e.G.

The Z1Label system allows us to easily label a wide variety of different products during the production process. Our employees find it extremely easy and intuitive to select the products on the iPad.

We maintain article data centrally in the cloud. This allows us to easily make changes at short notice and add article data flexibly at any time.We are even planning to link it to our ERP system.

A further benefit is that we can easily use different label layouts for different requirements. For example, we can automatically generate GS1-128 barcodes or GS1-QR codes for scanning during distribution processes as well as GTIN-13 codes for scanning at POS terminals.

Changes to the layout can be made easily at any time on the iPad. This flexibility allows us to provide customers with our own label designs, even where only small quantities are needed.

Christian Luther
Biofleisch NRW e.G.

Andreas Sperber / NEULAND Fleischvertriebs GmbH

We use the Z1Label system to give us flexibility in designing and producing our labels. We can finally provide customers with customised layouts without needing to stock huge quantities of different labels. Our customers are grateful that they don’t have to purchase huge numbers of labels themselves and can just obtain them centrally from us.

Producing labels is kept simple and can be done by anyone in just a few steps.

Labelling was previously a time-consuming task for us, especially where product-specific labels were needed. Now though, it is easy to produce excellent labels, even in small quantities for sample products.

Andreas Sperber
NEULAND Fleischvertriebs GmbH

Andreas Sperber

Z1Label is revolutionary